What we do?


The founders of this leading production unit are the third generation of a family who, with their continuous presence in the country's industry, always had an indescribable passion for producing firsts.
Therefore, since the early 90s, along with his productions in the field of silicone parts on the one hand and his completely related expertise in the field of chemical engineering on the other hand, in 1995 with the formation of the core of the research and development team, targeting for the production of silicone oil and other They put silicon derivatives as their most important priority.
14 months later, the first high-quality laboratory samples were produced, and immediately after that, the design of the pilot unit and its construction began, and less than 2 months later, the first successful batch was obtained in the pilot scale.
The strategy of the managers of this company in completing this knowledge-based project in the mechanical sector, as well as in the process sector, has been to take advantage of the technical knowledge and capabilities of domestic manufacturers in designing and manufacturing machines and equipment.
With the above attitude, the operation of designing and manufacturing machines and equipment of the main line was completed in 1400, and thus, silicone oil was produced on an industrial scale for the first time in the country in the fall of 1400.
However, the founders of this company consider this step to be only the first step of a long and difficult road, so after launching the production line, in addition to the mass production of silicone oil with different viscosities, other silicone derivatives are also produced on a laboratory and pilot scale, including hydroxy silicone oils. and amino silicones have been produced by the capable research and development team of this innovative unit, and the industrialization of this category of products, along with the current production capacity increase program, is foreseen in the second phase of the company's development. The operational phase is expected to be operational by the end of 1403 according to the schedule.
More than 70 years of continuous presence in the ups and downs of production and industry taught us that the main factor of success is nothing but perseverance.
Working together throughout the process, we guide you from interview to placement and provide support before, during and after you make the right match